The Eastern Province Squash Union is responsible for the administration and support of all squash activities in the Eastern Province, including the Eastern Province Squash Development Program(EPSDP).

Our mission:

  • To act as the controlling and administrative body of the sport of squash within its area of jurisdiction, but subject to the authority of the national controlling body of the sport and to the rules laid down from time to time by the International Squash Rackets Federation.
  • To foster the development of the game of squash in the Eastern Province for the benefit of all persons in that area irrespective of their colour, gender or religious convictions.
  • To develop the sport of Squash and the provision of facilities and equipment amongst disadvantaged sections of the community in the Eastern Province.
  • To create programs for previously disadvantaged children to learn the game of squash.
  • To promote the game of squash with previously disadvantaged children in the province.
  • To mentor those children identified in said programs and assist in training and coaching of these children to senior level.
  • To Train senior development children in becoming qualified coaches in order to increase earning potential.
  • Assist senior disadvantaged children in getting squash bursaries to tertiary education facilities in order to further their education in order to obtain careers.
  • To organise the playing the sport of squash within its area of jurisdiction including the playing of league matches, the holding of competitions and tournaments, the settlement of disputes and the implementation of disciplinary action, subject always to the provisions of this Constitution.
  • To assist all players financially that are chosen to represent their province at all levels in participating in national tournaments.
  • To ensure that all of its activities are conducted in a totally non-discriminatory manner, and that gender, colour, race or religious conviction shall not be a basis for discrimination against or affording privileges to any person or group of persons.

The Eastern Province Squash Union falls under SA Squash.